A mediterranean excellence. That's the goal of Elena Savini, fonder and creative soul of Savini Jewels. Pugliese-doc, daughter of the SEA and of her Land, two forces that are for the artist the greatest inspiration, when she talks with emotion of how fate conducted her almost by hand towards the world of ceramic jewelry, you can try her own enthusiasm into believing that sometimes life decides for us: one day and everything changes forever.

As in her case: how set designer has always known how to handle any material, yet the terracotta and ceramics didn't like until one day when she having to make wooden favorite but she didn't have enough time so she bought some pieces of terracotta and did perfectly the work. But she was really an autodidact? Or maybe kept in herself all the love of the world for that material? As long as this could maybe Elena Savini has postponed her date with destiny. But who as she believes in the power of the sea and Earth knows that sometimes forces larger than we are blowing strong in our gliders taking us away where ever we thought to go.

Today Elena Savini is one of the most famous name not only when we talk about excellences from Puglia, but above all about high jewelry that is really high not because is realized with precious materials but because is the daughter of a master full craft manship rooted in centuries. In the land of the Magna Greece of which Elena Savini is one of the master full heir, she gives a special emotion in Polignano a mare, from May to October, when he opens her elegant pop up store in this town so much loved by an elitist international tourism, especially from North Europe, that remained always enchnted by her creations.

Creating a porcelain jewel requires weeks of hard work, with the eyes anxiously waiting face an oven where slowly take shape jewelry with stylized shapes which reflect the most beautiful soul of this artist. When it's time to sell a creation a passionate artist lose a little bit of herself. Elena Savin followed step by step the born of her jewel, since the initial creation sinpired by the mood of the moment until the end, when the piece is ready. It's like a birth. But if the client demonstrates the same love the se has for her creations every “angostura” goes away and it's replaced by a sweet awareness that the buyer will wear the jewels one day and in one place taking it with herself along the street of her world.

Sea urchins, octopus: is the sea her great muse, along with earth. She tenderly remember as a child the wonderful feeling to sink feet in the sand or during camping sink them into the earth. Strong woman from strong roots, for Elena Savini pottery is a wonderful material that puts her in contact with nature. Hence the decision to sell her creations in Puglia. Maybe they would lose their inner magic if they were sold elsewhere. During summer is like the Sun of Puglia kissed them, making them even brighter. And above all, unique. Because every creation signed by Savini Jewels is one of the kind and for this reason, among with refined details, mediterranean allure and, of course, the being Made in Italy, clients are so attracted by these jewels. Because today the real luxury is the uniqueness.

The Uniqueness of the amazing sculptured collier signed by Savini Jewels (some are really big and they seems like frilled collars), big pendants so light to wear which make the clothes that you are wearing almost an accessory and not the other way and in the pipeline a white and gold collection, simply sublime because Elena Savini loves very much colors and shade of tones but she knows that nothing like the white can show and enhance shapes and design of a jewels an a touch of gold gift to the creation a royal elegance, absolutely unrivalled. White and gold. Nothing else is necessary. Less is more and it's characterized by an absolute elegance. If you want to wear a jewel that is like a Sun on your skin and it contains within itself an anima mundi, if you like dreaming, stand out to really feel yourselves, Savini Jewels are waiting for you, also with bespoke service on demand.

Are you ready to shine?

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